At Harold Chevrolet Buick, we encourage all our Coldwater, MI, clients to prepare their vehicles for winter and holiday-season driving. By doing so, you're helping to mitigate any unnecessary issues that could prove costly and time consuming. And, of course, safety being paramount.

So, here's what you can do at Harold Chevrolet Buick.

Holiday Travel, Winter Weather – Not an Ideal Combination

During winter, it's expected that your Chevrolet Silverado will experience weathering and Angola, IN, thoroughfares replete with potholes. Add the act of traveling for the holidays and your Buick Enclave will surely bear the brunt of wintertime stressors.

At Harold Chevrolet Buick, we pride ourselves on a winter preparation service tailored towards our Midwest climate. And by offering a simple servicing regime, all the main facets of safe-vehicle operation are well taken care of ahead of time.

Oil Changes

Every few thousand miles, it's best practice to have your oil changed. And should you be unsure of exactly when, simply examine your Chevrolet Camaro oil dipstick and note the color of oil. Anything black in color will need removal and replenishment.

During the holiday driving season, it's imperative fresh engine oil is coursing through your engine. During inclement weather and road surfaces uncompromising, your vehicle engine works under much stress.

Fresh engine oil becomes the essential lifeblood for the lubricating of all internal engine parts. Otherwise, costly damage may occur.

Brake Systems and Parts

With ice and snow on the way, driving to grandmother's Hicksville, OH, home will require brakes in perfect working order. Given location, brake parts of rotors, pads and calipers are prone to extreme weathering and corrosion following.

With a simple brake system inspection at Harold Chevrolet Buick, our factory-trained technicians will pore over each part looking for anything too worn for continued service.

And should something need replacement, only GM Genuine Parts are installed. GM parts may also be ordered online by completing a simple parts-ordering form. for submittal.

Battery Servicing

All important to quick winter starts outside Coldwater, MI, is a vehicle battery at full strength and capacity. And while the battery receives little attention until it's too late, it's good practice to have your vehicle battery tested before winter sets in.

And with testing, connections and plugs will be cleared of toxic residue, ensuring a clean surface all around. This alone may benefit the battery in terms of seamless, unhindered powering.

However, if a battery is deemed too worn, a discussion with our service technicians will identify the best course of action – be it battery recharging or replacement.

Tire Health

Where rubber meets with Hicksville, OH, road on the way to extended family remains an all-important juncture. And the best way to ensure there are no blowouts or slow leaks is to have your tires rotated from well to well.

During this procedure, our skilled technicians examine tire treads and sidewalls for integrity. And if there are unusual patterns of wear present, they may signal issues elsewhere with wheel alignment or brake parts' failure.

For a safe holiday-driving season, have your vehicle's tire assortment inspected and replaced as necessary. Our mechanically inclined clients may also use the online Tire Finder tool for at-home installation.

Harold Chevrolet Buick – Your Winter Preventive Care Site Near Angola, IN

With service and parts specials offered daily, Harold Chevrolet Buick stands ready to offer tips for safe journeying this holiday season. One very important piece of counsel is to prepare your vehicle for what should come this winter.

Visit our local Coldwater, MI, area service department today. Or schedule your service appointment online.

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